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Attention: The GOLF SCRAMBLE has been POSTPONED!

(Due to circumstances Beyone our Control)

Watch this space for our new date in September.

Same Great Location!!! 

The Hills Golf Club at McKendree University 




Golfer's Application

Sponsor's Application

 Opening Day - Friday - November 21, 2014
Continuing to Thursday, January 1, 2015

Take a "Step back in Time"
Lebanon's Winter Wonderland!
Come see a bit of "yester-year"
with a bit of "tomorrow" thrown in!


Scenes from yesterday, bringing joy to all who view them.
Come and witness what it used to be like, with a few examples of "today".
Lights, paintings, settings to bring back memories of a simpler time - and to create new ones.

The Blinky Show!

After 2 years, the "Blinky Show" is changing!
Morphing would probably be a better term.
Come and See For YourSelf.

We look forward to seeing you!!!

Upcoming in 2014!

2014 is the 200th anniversary of the founding of Lebanon!
We plan on honoring it with an updated display and new and exciting additions.

The biggest change will be in our light show!
Your donations at the 2013 show will be directly reflected in the size of the 2014 light show. 

Though we did good during 2013, we would love to be able to WOW you.
If you can, please donate using the donation button on the front page.

 Stay tuned to this website and other media around Lebanon for details!

Your help is needed!
Preparations for the new displays has started,
but we have a long way to go and a short time to do it in.
Get in on the fun.
Help us to make 2014 the BEST!


Lebanon's Winter Wonderland is a community event provided to you by a group of volunteers dedicated to keeping alive the memory and feelings that displays of yester-year did for all of us.

We actively invite you to participate by volunteering in any capacity that you can.

Like many activities these days, we are dependent on the talents and generosity of the people of the Lebanon area to make this display work. We achieve our financial needs through a monetary contribution upon entering the park, and/or donations given.
Contributions can be made through the internet. 
See the donate button in the top right corner of these pages.

Exciting opportunities for 2014:

A) Designing and building new items throughout the display.
We are really excited about our 2014 goal to increase the number of lighting displays, along with new characters.
This includes new tree hangings, both lights and designs; new automated display points; and additional music and light productions.

B) Maintaining the current displays.
2013 saw a rehab of some of the displays used in the production.
2014 will see a complete rehab of the displays as they are prepared for the BiCentenial of the Founding.

Winter weather, with or without snow, can be hard on the displays. Many people have given countless hours to create and to setup the displays. We want to honor their work by maintaining the displays in the best condition possible. 
During the warmer months of the year we will be having several "parties" to bring the displays back to "like-new" condition.
Join us and have a lot of fun while doing great things for LWW, Horner Park, and the community as a whole.

C) Putting out ALL the displays and "setting up the park."
From mid-October till opening day, we are hard at work setting up, wiring, and testing all the displays.
Let us know how you can help!

We hope you enjoy this year's display!
Come out and enjoy 2014!!!




Lebanon, Illinois


Humidity: 100%

Wind: 0 mph

  • 20 Aug 2014

    Partly Cloudy 93°F 72°F

  • 21 Aug 2014

    Partly Cloudy 96°F 73°F

Please consider supporting the efforts of the Lebanon Winter Wonderland!


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